I would walk a million miles to see you smile one more time

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention AFSP

Since 2011, Dr. Di Paolo’s Family has been participating in the Out of the Darkness walks for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.  In 1998, Dr. Di Paolo lost his nephew, Steven, to suicide.  Each year, one or more members of the family have travelled to cities such as New York City, San Francisco and Boston to participate.

Donated Dental Services/Dental Lifeline Network
Since 2008 Dr. Di Paolo and Village Dental of New England have been participating in the Donated Dental Services Program in New Hampshire. It is a State by State organization that allows dentists to create teams of specialists, supply companies, implant companies and laboratories to volunteer and provide free dental care for qualified patients. Unlike programs such as Medicaid that may have significant restrictions on what types of dental care are allowed, there are no restrictions on what type of care can be received. So far we have Village Dental of New England has donated over $34,000 in dental services to date.

If you are looking to sign up or contact the Donated Dental Services/Dental Lifeline Network click on the following link for information: https://dentallifeline.org/new-hampshire/

Dentistry with a Heart

Each year somewhere around Valentine’s Day, local dentists offer to volunteer for one or more days to deliver dental services free of charge.